Disney: The Ultimate Visual Guide

Disney: The Ultimate Visual Guide. Cynthia O'Neil. 128 pages. 2002.

We've had frequent requests for recommendations about books geared toward the younger set. If you scan the literature, most of the juvenile-related titles are relegated to biographies of Walt Disney and a travel guide or two. Disney: The Ultimate Visual Guide is a bright and colorful entry into the body of Disney-related literature.

Publisher DK (Dorling-Kindersly) is well-known for the innovative style and use of pictures in their titles. Each page is full of photographs, artwork, stills and informative text. Most of the information is presented in bite-sized chunks. This is one title that I would have poured over as a child--daydreaming about Magic Kingdoms and magical movies.

The book takes a very eclectic and broad look at the Disney Company. There are a few pages dedicated to Walt's early life and the beginnings of the company. The rest of the book looks at the major animation, characters, television and theme park productions--from Oswald to Treasure Planet. Almost every important milestone in the company's history is covered.

The text is filled with general information and trivia tidbits are scattered throughout. The book is a Disney imprint, though, so don't expect more than the basic company line. I wouldn't recommend this title for the researcher; it really is meant for the casual fan and the younger Disney geek.

Bottom Line: I do recommend this book for anyone interested in a basic introduction to the Walt Disney Company--rose-colored ears are included! It is presented in a fun and engaging format with an ear towards the younger generations. This is a definite purchase for the younger Disney Geeks in your life.


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